3rd Grade

3rd grade
Ellen Stephens, Joni Gilbert, Bree Spivey, Candace Parker, Abby Morrison, Amanda Griggs                                  


Welcome to Third Grade!!!

Third Grade is a year of great academic challenges and maturity.  Students will take on more responsibility and learn to be accountable for their own learning. 
      In Third Grade, we will focus on reading comprehension and the literary elements of Literature in ELA.  In Math, our focal points will be addition and subtraction with regrouping, place value and the introduction of multiplication and division.  Our hands-on, minds-on Science Curriculum will emphasize such units as, habitats and adaptations, rocks, minerals and soil, and matter.  South Carolina History is our main concentration in Social Studies. 
We will learn about SC from the Indian Tribes of the
1700's to our present day SC.
     Third Grade will be filled with many exciting new experiences.  There will be many adventures and life lessons learned along our journey.  Here friendships will be formed and lasting memories made. 

     Third Grade is where the joy of learning takes place every single day!!