Daily Bell Schedule/ Sign-out Policy

6:50 Bus Drop Off
7:05 Breakfast begins
7:35 Breakfast ends
7:05-7:40 Car Drop Off
7:40 Tardy Bell/Morning Announcements
2:10 Shuttle Dismissal
2:30 Bus Dismissal
2:40 Car Dismissal
2:50 YMCA/Walker Dismissal

The school day begins at 7:40am.  If you arrive at school after 7:40, for your child's safety, you must sign him/her in at the office.  We really need for our students to be at school all day.  If you must sign your child out early, please send a note that morning and the teacher will have your child waiting in the office at the designated time.  NO students are allowed to be signed out after 1:55pm.  Also, if you want someone other than a parent to sign out your child, we must have a note that day and a telephone number to call for verification.  The safety of our students is our TOP priority!