PTO Bylaws




ARTICLE I:         NAME                                                      PAGE:    1

ARTICLE II:        PURPOSE STATEMENT                        PAGE:    1

ARTICLE III:      POLICIES                                                            PAGE:    1

ARTICLE IV:      MEMBERSHIP                                        PAGE:  1-2

ARTICLE V:        THE EXECUTIVE BOARD                   PAGE:    2

ARTICLE VI:      DUTIES                                                    PAGE:  2-4

ARTICLE VII:     MEETINGS                                              PAGE:  4-5

ARTICLE VIII:   TERMS OF SERVICE                            PAGE:    5

ARTICLE IX:      VOTING PRIVILAGES                                     PAGE:   5-6

ARTICLE X:        FINANCES                                              PAGE:    6







The name and location of this organization shall be North Hartsville Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), North Hartsville Elementary School, 110 School Drive, Hartsville, SC 29550.




The relationships within the North Hartsville Elementary Community, which includes students, teachers, staff, parents, and patrons, are a vital influence on the success of our children’s futures.  Therefore, our purpose is to foster a sense of support, pride and enthusiasm; to encourage parent and public involvement at North Hartsville Elementary School; and to bring into closer relation the home and the school, that the parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.  This organization shall provide service for school functions, engage in fundraising projects, encourage parent, teacher, and community involvement, and cooperate with school administration in providing educational opportunities.




The policies shall be developed through meetings, conferences and committees and shall not direct or control the administrative activities of the school. 




SECTION I:  General Members shall be:

  1. All parents, step-parents, or guardians of students.
  2. All North Hartsville Elementary teachers, administrators and support staff. 


SECTION II:  Honorary Members may be: 

  1. Patrons and community members who take interest in North Hartsville Elementary.





SECTION III:  Voting Members shall be: 

  1. All Executive Board members shall be designated as voting members.
  2. Executive Board members shall have the right to vote on all issues before the organization, to elect officers, and to hold office.  The President does not vote unless there is tie as described in V.II.5.
  3. Any general member can vote on items presented at PTO meetings and/or the election of the Executive Board.


SECTION IV:  Dues for members, if any, shall be established by the executive board.  If dues are charged, a member must have paid his or her dues to be considered a member with voting rights. At the current time, dues are not required of the NHE PTO.




SECTION I:  The Executive Board shall consist of the following elected officers to minimally include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parent Volunteer Coordinator(s) and Fundraising Coordinator.




SECTION I:  Duties of the Executive Board


  1. Serve as advocates and positive public relations personnel for the school and school community.
  2. The Board has the authority to reassign specific job duties as required. 
  3. The Board shall establish the objectives of the organization and determine the policy for the development of the objectives.
  4. No member shall hold more than one office at a time.
  5. To create standing committees and to appoint chairpersons.
  6. To approve the plans of work of the committees chairperson.
  7. To transact necessary business in the intervals between meetings.
  8. Put together a yearly budget to be approved.  To work from that budget to pay the bills. 
  9. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or by any member of the Board if needed.
  10. Hold monthly Executive Board meetings throughout the school calendar. 
  11. Hold quarterly general member meetings throughout the school calendar.   
  12. Removal of position is possible if said person has not performed their duties.  
  13. Appoint new board members if and when the need arises.  
  14. Serve as members of the NHE School Improvement Council.
  15. Get the school principal’s approval.  The school principal needs to be made aware of planned activities. He/ She may or may not approve an activity if they deem it not in the best interest of the school.  Any material such as newsletters, activity information, etc. that is to be sent home with the children needs prior approval of the principal or his/her designee.


SECTION II:  Duties of the President


  1. Shall preside at all regular, special, and Executive Board meetings.  Communicate with the Vice President if unable to attend.  
  2. Coordinate the work of the officers and committees in order that the objectives may be accomplished. 
  3. Authorize payment of PTO funds, if the Treasurer is unavailable. 
  4. Submit PTO News to the principal for the parent newsletter. 
  5. Shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie at all board and membership meetings, otherwise is not able to vote. 
  6. Execute decisions of the Executive Board.
  7. Serve as primary contact for the principal.



SECTION III:  Duties of the Vice President


  1. Attend and participate in all PTO meetings and functions.  Communicate with President if unable to attend. 
  2. Act as aide to the President
  3. Perform duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.
  4. Should the President be unable to complete his/her term, the Vice President would assume the office of President. 


SECTION IV:  Duties of the Secretary


  1. Attend PTO meetings and record the official minutes.  Communicate with President if unable to attend. 
  2. Publish and distribute a summary of the minutes within 5 school days or sooner.
  3. In the event the President and Vice President are unable to attend a meeting the Secretary with preside. 
  4. Distribute the By-Laws to all board members and other interested parties. 
  5. Other miscellaneous typing. 
  6. Keep a log of attendance for the meetings. 
  7.  Maintain a notebook of all minutes and documents from the PTO.


SECTION V:  Duties of the Treasurer


  1. Attend PTO meetings.  Communicate with President if unable to attend. 
  2. Serve as an authorized signatory on all PTO accounts.
  3. Maintain accounts. 
  4. Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  5. Present a financial statement at each PTO meeting. 
  6. All deposits made within 30 days or sooner.
  7. All payments, reimbursements made within 30 days or sooner.
  8. Provide books to be audited, if requested. 
  9. Place all monies in a depository appointed and approved by the Executive Board

10.  Work with the Board to put together a yearly Budget and present it at the beginning & end of each school year.


SECTION VI:  Duties of the Immediate Past President

  1. Serve as an advisor to the Executive Board for one year immediately following his/her term in office.


SECTION VII:  Duties of the Volunteer Coordinator(s)


  1. Attend PTO meetings. Communicate with President if unable to attend. 
  2. Coordinate volunteer program under the supervision of the Coordinating Teacher. 
  3. Distribute all necessary information to parent volunteers. 
  4. Communicates with the school’s principal, assistant principal, coordinating teacher and other Board members on coordinating volunteers for all PTO and school related events.


SECTION VIII:  Fundraising Coordinator


  1. Presents ideas, suggestions and materials for fundraising opportunities.
  2. Coordinates fundraising dates with the principal.
  3. Oversees all distribution and collection of fundraising materials and monies.
  4. Presents timeline of fundraiser activities to the Executive Board.
  5. Coordinates distribution of fundraising items when they are delivered to the school.
  6. Coordinates fundraising incentive programs.
  7. Coordinates with the Volunteer Coordinators needs for various fundraising events.
  8. Presents any monies directly to the Treasurer for deposit. 






SECTION I:  There will be quarterly general meetings throughout the school calendar.  The time and place of the meetings shall be announced in the school calendar. Any member is welcome to attend and provide input prior to the meeting to the PTO Executive Board. 


SECTION II:  Additional meetings of the organization may be called, either by vote of the Executive Board or by petition of the members. Special meetings may be called by the president or by any two or more members of the board.  The time and place of all Special Meetings shall be announced at least five (5) days prior to the meeting, except in the case of an emergency. 


SECTION III:  There will be monthly Executive Board meeting.  The time and place of the meetings shall be announced to the Executive Board.  Executive Board meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month at 1:00pm, unless there is an early dismissal day or a holiday.  In such cases, the Executive Board meeting will be on the second Friday of the month at 1:00pm.  Sessions are open for any member to attend, although any items discussed are open for voting by Executive Board members only.


SECTION IV:  General meetings shall last no longer than 1 hour.  Only topics on the agenda will be discussed.  All unfinished business shall be carried over to the next meeting.  Any items that members wish to discuss should be shared with the PTO Executive Board prior to the meeting. 


SECTION V:  In the event of bad weather, meetings may be canceled and rescheduled at the discretion of the president.


SECTION VI:  The quorum shall be 3 out of 5 Executive Board members present.




SECTION I:  Each officer shall serve a term of two school years.  The term of the office shall end the last day of the school year.  The new officers shall begin their term immediately thereafter.


SECTION II: Immediately following the election, the newly-elected officer shall begin working in tandem with the outgoing officer until the completion of the outgoing officer’s term.  Only the outgoing officer shall have voting authority during this period of transition.


SECTION III:  A person does not have to step down at the end of his/her term if they choose not to; elections will not be held for that office.  They may sign up for another two year term.  No more then 3 terms for a total of 6 years may be held in any one office. 


SECTION IV:  Each outgoing officer shall present a list of their responsibilities to the newly elected officer and assist them as needed for up to one year. 


SECTION V:  Removal from office:  The removal of any officer shall be for gross incompetence, intentional neglect, misconduct, or failing to meet the clearances required by the school. An officer may be removed from office if absent from three (3) consecutive meetings, or by a majority vote of the membership for failure to fulfill the duties of their office. A special meeting will be held to answer the complaint. 


SECTION VI:  Vacancies:  Any vacancy in office due to death, resignation, removal, or inability to serve shall be filled by the principal with consideration given to the Executive Board members for input.  However, should a vacancy occur in the office of President, the Vice President shall immediately assume the office. 


SECTION VII:  Officers not renewing their terms must make it known to the Board in writing no later than December.




SECTION I:  All Executive Board members shall be designated as voting members.


SECTION II:  Executive Board members shall have the right to vote on all issues before the organization, to elect officers, and to hold office. 


SECTION III:  President shall vote only in the case of a tie in a vote of the Executive Board or the organization.


SECTION IV:  Any general member can vote on items presented at PTO meetings and/or the election of the Executive Board.


SECTION V:  All members will have one vote and must be present to vote.




SECTION I:  A budget of anticipated revenue and expenses for the year shall be presented to the organization at the beginning of the school year. This budget shall be used as a guide for the activities taking place during the year. Any substantial deviation from the budget must be approved in advance by the organization.


SECTION II:  The treasurer shall keep accurate records of any disbursements, income, and bank account information.  All deposits and/or disbursements shall be made within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the receipt of the funds and/or orders of payments.


SECTION III:  The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each General Meeting of the organization and shall prepare a final report at the close of the school year. The reports and the accounts shall be available if needed for auditing purposes.


SECTION IV:  No loans shall be made by the organization to its officers and members.


SECTION V:  Upon agreement of the Executive Board with the principal’s approval, any officer or officers may enter into contracts or agreements for the purchase of materials or services on behalf of the organization.  


SECTION VI:  Two authorized signatures shall be required on each check.  Authorized signers shall be the principal and treasurer. 


SECTION: VII:  No reimbursements will be made without valid receipts. 


SECTION VIII:  No part of the net earnings of the organization shall be to the benefit of, or be distributable to, its members, officers or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for the services rendered.


SECTION IX:  No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political on behalf of any candidate for public office.


SECTION X:  The fiscal year shall coordinate with the school year. 


SECTION XI:  Dissolution:  Upon the dissolution of the organization, any remaining funds should be used to pay outstanding bills, and with membership’s approval, spent for the benefit of the school. 




SECTION I:  A nominating committee of 3 (2 members, 1 officer) shall bring forth the nominations for the General Elections. 


SECTION II: Nominations should be made at the meeting prior to the voting meeting. A slate of persons running for offices shall be presented at the voting meeting. Further nominations may be received from the floor. If all slated to run for office have accepted the nomination then the elections shall proceed by written ballot.


SECTION III:  Nominees must attend 5 or more of the general meetings. 


SECTION IV:  Officers shall be elected at the last quarterly meeting of the school year by the voting members present.


SECTIN V:  There will be a ballot vote if there is more than one candidate for any office.  If there is only one candidate for any office, by motion from the floor, the election for that office may be by a show of hands.  All candidates will leave the room and wait in the office so that the voting may take place. 


SECTION VI: A majority of the votes cast by the members shall be necessary for election. Should no person receive a majority of the votes cast, a run off between the two (2) who received the largest number of votes shall be immediately held.


SECTION VII:  Elections occurring in even numbered years (i.e.00) shall be for the offices of Vice President, Secretary, and Fundraising Coordinator.  Elections occurring in an odd numbered years (i.e. 01) shall be for the offices of President, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator(s).  Elections may or may not be held yearly (See Article VIII:  Terms of Service).






SECTION I:  These bylaws can be amended at any quarterly membership meeting of the North Hartsville PTO by a two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance.  Notice shall be given at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


SECTION II:  These bylaws may be reviewed and/or revised by the Executive Board as necessary to meet changing conditions in the school and community.




























These Bylaws were adopted by the North Hartsville Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) by the Executive Board and hence forth will be made public to the members during a quarterly meeting every school year or by other written means, such as the school newsletter and/or school webpage.